Vocals, Sax, Harp

Although you might not think it to look at him, front man Bobby Rose has always wanted to be a cowboy. In fact, that's why he's a Duke.

As a boy in Philadelphia, Bobby admired his best friend's dad because: 1.) the guy could yodel cowboy tunes, and 2.) he had a good looking wife. In fact, Bobby may have admired the wife even more than the friend's dad. He decided to become a cowboy so he could sing and get chicks, too.

After taking up music, Bobby branched out to the R&B he heard at the shag clubs on the Atlantic shore and around the campus at Penn State, where he majored in agriculture.

Agriculture, you say? Yep, and he took his newfound skills to-- Israel, where he lived from 1973-83, working on a kibbutz and leading the Lower Galilee Blues All-Stars, the only R&B outfit in the country. He founded the Dukes shortly after coming to Tampa in 1983.

What a long, strange trip it's been for Bobby to his present life as Daddy Duke and the proprietor of a Tampa bookstore. Bobby is the proud papa of two grown daughters, Jessica and Karin, and now a grandfather!